Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time Flies

Already a few days have past and I realized I hadn't even been back on my blog. I need to stay on it. Well no plans for Easter. I think we might go to the coast on Saturday. I have been getting excited about coupon shopping. I know it takes alot of time but sure feels good to get good deals. The other day at Albertsons they had Post cereal for .67 a box. I ended up getting 15 boxes and my family laughed at me. But we have really went through it. Sometimes it makes you try different things that you might not even try.
Londyn will be 10wks on Friday. I cant believe how time flies. She is so amazing. I am so thankful that we get to be apart of her everyday life. Tonight we gave her a bath, while her mom went to a indoor soccer game. Then her and grandma had sometime to lay on the bed and talk. She loves to stretch and she is starting to make cooing sounds. I love the smell of her bedtime lotion. She is on a good sleeping schedule finally. She goes to bed for good around 10:00pm and then sleeps until 8:00. Then mom feeds her and she naps for about an hour.
Well off to bed with another day of work tomorrow and errands. Time to pick up the taxes and pay bills. Fun stuff.

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