Friday, April 17, 2009

My Sister My Best Friend

Just a shout out to Penny for picking up the slack at work for me today. I had to call in with a suprise gall bladder attack this morning. What would I do without her. We are there for one another when needed. I love you so much Pen. Have a good weekend everyone!!


  1. gall bladder?? i knew it!! girl....go get rid of that thing. you will feel so better. you have been having those attacks since the shop was open!

    i hope you feel better.

  2. Great pics of you two....lookin good! Thanks for all the love on my blog!

  3. have you done a mini of you and penny through the years? that would be so cute....

  4. Those are such pretty pictures of you two..and yes, I know what you mean about best friend...hope you have a great weekend, btw, Suzanne is right, get rid of that.... : )


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