Sunday, April 5, 2009

Very First Post

Okay this is my first attempt at this blog thing. I have wanted to start one for so long and just been lazy about it. My friend Kate kept telling me she had faith in me that I could do it without her so I will wait to see what she thinks. This is a layout I did the other day and I cant wait to share more with you.
Most of you know that I became a grandma on Jan 30th to a baby girl named Londyn Faith. She is adorable and has stolen my heart. So most of my pictures and scrapbooking have become of her. She is 9wks old now. She has a nickname of Shugs. We all go around saying "Hey Shugs"!! She has just started to smile in the last couple of weeks. It is so fun to see her start to watch things. Oh and she already is getting hooked on All My Children with her grandma. It all started in the middle of the night with the midnight feedings. Thanks to DVR's.
Oh and I just give support to Jordan while she did the feedings. She is a great mom and I am so proud of her. More to come.

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