Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random pics

Okay the top one of course is Scruffy. I know he is ugly that is why he is called Scruffs.
He is cute to me though and a really good dog. The next one is for Heidi, I wanted you to see
the basket I got from you. I love it and it collects my fruit. I think of you everytime I look at it. Oh and can I just say kuddo's to you!! I dont know how you do it. Your yard is amazing, your house is beautiful. With twin boys how how how how can you keep it together? Oh and I might add you always look so good!! The next one is of Londyn's laundry. I know silly huh? But this makes me smile everytime I fold her little stuff. It always smells so good. The last one didn't turn out very well but it says" peas and quiet". It is on my walk in closet door and sometimes when I need a few minutes I hide in there. Now my secret is out. Four adults, two dogs, a cat and an infant I just cant keep up!! Seriously I still have poinsetta's on my porch. Gotta get it together. Okay that was my daily vent. Heidi you can try and leave a comment now and anyone else that might of tried to comment and couldnt. I think I have annoymous on there now and you can just check that. Have a great evening. Great to see you today Heidi!!!


  1. Finally.. I can comment.. this is so cool.. I love your blog....Pam its like one of my things to do in a day... to read,and smile at your life.. Love ya Me~

  2. Okay who is me? Penny I am guessing?

  3. You are so sweet!!! I love the fruit basket, it fits perfect there. It wouldn't fit under my counters. Keep up the posting.... Love it!!Heidi


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