Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miss you Friend

Well most of my readers know that this is Daelene, but for those that dont she lives in Israel and just went home from a short visit a few weeks ago. This is the second time that her, Penny, and I got together for pictures. We had fun taking them. Noah was a good sport and snapped a few. The guys thought we were goofy. This was the night before she was leaving and we were kinda sad. I sure miss her. I need to find the previous ones as we tried to duplicate some of the photo's.
Enjoy your Sunday. Jordan, Londyn, myself and my mom will be going to Classy Captures for fourth generation photo's. I cant believe she is 3months already.


  1. I love these.. I miss Dael so much.. We really had a great time while she was here......Lots of laughs,and a few tears....Cant wait until the next visit..~Penny~

  2. I can't believe my visit was a month ago now. In some ways it seems as if it were only yesterday... but for as much as I miss you, it can also seem like forever ago, ya know? :( But the thing that keeps me going and makes me smile is knowing that the moment we actually are all together again, it will be just as if no time has passed at all... we'll pick right up where we left off :)

    I love you, Wham... and I really enjoy reading your blog. Writing keeps us close... and it makes this big world seem like a much smaller place, don't ya think? ;P xoxox ~Dael


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