Sunday, September 11, 2011

Antiques in the Streets!

I was so happy with myself yesterday morning that I got myself up after a very long day Friday and went to the antiques in the streets. It was fun but I remember one I had been to previous had a lot more booths.
We took Londyn and she really enjoyed it. They had live music and she danced in her walker. It is always fun when she goes because we spoil her. First to the little coffee house.  She had a strawberry smoothie.
We also made it over to First Burger for lunch it was so good. I didn't really buy anything but a bowl that caught my eye. If you know me I have a huge bowl collection. I love them!

 I remember a friend telling me this a very long time ago. I had to snap this picture.
This chair was at the coffee house. I think it was called Charlie's but dont quote me on that.
It is on 3rd street anyways and I had never been in there but it is really neat inside. This chair
is so close to the one Brittany has started for me. I cant wait to see it finished.

The two above our the ones she going to redo. I bought them several months ago.

We also made it to the Sat market where I got these beautiful flowers. Well now off to bed just to start
another work week. I spent most of the day dusting my house. With the building of the Wal-Mart we are
in a constant sheet of dust. It is so bad all over, the porch, cars, driveway, window sills, stair rails, floors,
I mean everywhere. I cant wait until they are done with that part of it. May you have a peaceful rest. Pam

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