Saturday, September 10, 2011

I miss these two!

This week has been such a crazy crazy week! I have worked worked and worked. And when I wasn't at
work I was staying at my parents. Tonight when I came in the door I felt wierd. It was like I havent been
here in a very long time. It was also nice to be home.. I feel like I have missed all the nice HOT weather,&
my little Londyn. She has missed me too! I hope to spend sometime with her soon. I have enjoyed the
time with my mom and dad. Dad is getting better. I actually took my scrapbag over one night and while he
talked about the old days I scrapped. That was fun. I also sat on moms bed with her and heard stories I
hadnt heard before. I hadn't stayed there in like 24 yrs. I hope to get caught up on my blogging soon. Hope you enjoy the weekend... Pam

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