Monday, September 26, 2011

I love my Blog!

I love my Blog.. It inspires me each day to look at blogs and get great ideas, enter drawings and dream of one day having a buisness of junkin! Yes that is what I want to do.. I started this blog with the idea of posting my scrap layouts and keeping a daily journal, which for the most part I think I do the daily journal thing but the scrapping not so much. Not that I dont do it. I have been working on another book which I am starting to love. I go in my scraproom several times a day and add something. I will share the book soon. Anyways wanted to mention another giveaway:
A grainsack( I love them) Anyways she asks that you go check out
leave a comment and become a follower that is it! She has already came by and left me a comment on my blog. Good Luck! Off to nurse a terrible toothache. Enjoy your evening. God Bless Pam

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