Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcoming Fall!

Well yesterday was a day of looking! I wanted to get in the mood for fall and get some ideas for Fall. What better way than to go to my favorite seasonal shops. First was the new location of Blackberry Junction. I love the new place. It is on Water Street. A very old warehouse. There seems to be so much more room.

 This was right outside~ Couldn't help but think I wish Londyn was with us as she would of loved this.
 These were so pretty. Picture doesn't really show how pretty they were.

 Loved this mini door cabinet.
 Love this dress form. Gave me ideas for mine..
 Now if Doug wouldn't of been with me I probably would of figured out how to bring this home. It was only $45.00 dollars. I could of put something in it I just know it. Added metal numbers to the front.
But he thought I was crazy to want it and had to say where would you put it.
As I stood back talking to a friend he waited at the entrance for me. Penny was busy but she is normally my pal around person that goes to these places with me! Overall he was a good sport I guess!
On to the next~ The Vintage Roost!

It doesn't seem to matter how many times these last few years I have been to the Vintage Roost,
it always seems like the first time for me. The walk down the driveway in each season is magical for
me. Debbie is a real neat lady and even if you dont buy anything she is always so welcoming. I got some
wonderful ideas from both places and realize how much of the stuff I already have.. I did manage to get
my front porch decorated for fall. Although today was such a sunny and warm day I must of looked silly
out there decorating with straw and scarecrows..
p.s. my thoughts are with my mama today. My uncle Charles is gravely ill and has been moved to a room
removed from all machines and is resting comfortably. Hospice has been called. I know how extremly hard this is for mom. I am blessed to have been able to go with my mom her last trip to Nebraska 4 or 5 years ago to see the family again and stay with my Uncle Charles who lived in my grandma's house. I am praying for him and all our family back there. I dont believe my mom would make a trip back there again due to my dad and her condition. She will be starting her second round of radiation next week. Mom when you read this. I love you so very much...
              Okay enjoy your Sunday and maybe later I will post my porch... Blessings Pam

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