Sunday, September 4, 2011

Learning the hard way!

Several weeks ago I posted a picture of this door
It is pink on one side and white on the other. Well after I finished the lockers I was feeling very
inspired so I painted the white side of glass with chalk paint and lots of it. I thought it would be cute
with welcome fall on it or something. Well I didn't get a picture of it but did not like it at all. So
there it sat in the back yard for several weeks. Well I really wanted to throw a rock through the glass
and break it so I could add chicken wire to it. But decided that I would use a razor blade yesterday and
it only took 6 long hours and alot of back pain but I got it done.

So it made its way into my scraproom. Not exactly sure it will stay there but then it started this huge
mess and some cleaning and purging of things I just dont use. I think I am a pack rack but in a good way.
If there is such a thing.
 This basket was brown so I painted it white and added a sign. I used modge podge so the sign is protected.
It sits by my stairs and catches junk on its way up the stairs. Working well.
 I did more rearranging this weekend. I have a problem I can't sit down. I just piddle around and then
wonder why I am so tired. Lately I have been a little ocd as far as I cant have a dirty dish in the sink or
anything. Rediculous!
 Well the tin is a bit much with the flowers but like the little white table in there..
 So simple.
The antique radio was Doug's parents and I love it. It was downstairs where I put the suitcase.
Kinda liked it with the dark mirror.  Just got dinner done. My brother has a garden and I have sure
enjoyed steemed fresh zuc and cucumbers. Enjoy your Sunday evening.  Pam

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  1. You have such beautiful things! Love the door.

    Thank you so much for the wonderfully kind message you left me, it was greatly appreciated.



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