Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am Blessed!

Here it is midnight again... But I am home and after a few glasses of wine I am relaxed and ready for bed.
I have a job, wonderful friends, family and health. One of my customers passed away Saturday night and I know it hasnt hit me yet. His name was Don! His wife Donna and him have been regulars for several years now. They put their dog Barkley in their will to Penny! They treated us to brunches a few times and had become our family. He passed Saturday night and on Monday we had a note in our box at work that his wife sent a friend in Sunday to tell us. Don you will be missed. I will miss your kindness, your face, your friendship. He was the driver, Donna didn't drive so I dont know how often we will see her. To Wade who brought us a card today for our parents. He is another kind man who has adopted Penny and I as his own and continues to send my parents cards weekly.

I feel loved by so many. I forgot to tell Penny that we are invited to Tea in November and I rsvp'd!
To Brittany who continues to amaze me with her creativity I am blessed by you. You are such an inspiration to me. I cant wait to see my goodies. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. If all goes well.
I am off hopefully early enough to see you and pick up my goodies. And then on my way to my parents where I will get to spend the night. They both had their appts. today. I hope to catch up with them and allow mom to get her rest and I will be there to take care of dad. He continues to get better however his memory is not so good. But at 82 what do you expect.
On Saturday I was asked by a regular Wayne to be their server for his wifes 60th birthday. He would bring his buisness of 40 to our establishment only if Penny or myself would be there to make it special for his wifes birthday. I will be there. Thank you for allowing me to be involved in such a special day. I feel so blessed to do this for them.
Okay guess I was on a little rant- Anyways just wanted to express my thanks to my blog readers for enjoying my blog as much as I do.
Oh and Barbara I am praying for you! Barbara and Dave are another couple that come into Izzy's. I have come to know them quite well. They have been into my parents buisness to shop. She was diagnosed with colon cancer last week at the age of 60! She is having surgery on Thursday to have some colon removed. Her husband was in today to let me know her progress. He said he would of flown her anywhere to get the job done. He would move mountains for her. I started crying. She told me last week she had total comfort because she knew where she was going. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am off to bed now. Peace to all. Pam

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