Saturday, September 24, 2011

Loving my dress form

I love Diana! I was going to say I love playing with her but then I realized how wierd that might sound.
But she is fun. I am looking for a vintage dress or something to dress her in.
 I am loving my linen pillow covers. I have two white lace ruffled ones in the works. Brittany made two for Penny and of course I want some. She painted Penny's fireplace and a cabinet in the white shabby look. I cant wait to share some pics soon of them.
This bench was on my front porch but I moved it upstairs for winter. I hesitated leaving it on the porch to
get weathered. I also hope to share pics soon of Jonah's senior pictures. I was honored when asked if I would take his pictures. We had fun and am very impressed with myself at how they turned out. Now I have another request for taking another seniors pictures. Maybe I have a new calling.
I am thinking of my family this evening as my Uncles funeral is Saturday in North Platte Nebraska. I know my mom would love to be there for it and see her family. Rest in Peace Uncle Charles. You will be missed here on earth. Blessings this early morning. Pam

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