Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Saving Grace!

Again I must say that she is my saving Grace! There are days when I am low and discouraged or just
tired and wore out but then she comes and I am so so Happy!

 I am totally going to get this one blown up. I LOVE it!

Jordan left yesterday with her boyfriend for the weekend. And since we were staying close to home
for Labor Day weekend, we planned on having her for it. I have been looking forward to it because
things have been so busy that even though I see her almost everyday it just isnt quality time. Last night
when she went to bed I explained to her that the moon was out and it was time to go to bed, but tomorrow
when she got up we would fill her pool and spend the day having fun. Well 7:30am she woke me up mind
you on one of the only days I could sleep in with her hands on my face and her face in my face saying
The sun is up Gammy, can we go fill my pool. And the day started. She and I had a wonderful day. Now she
is sleeping and I am not to far behind her because tomorrow is a new day! Pam

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