Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Porch

 Bench was $5.00 over the summer at a garage sale. Twigs came from my moms. Thanks Bev
for the crow. I love it.
 Had this rocker in my bedroom and everytime you sat in it, it fell apart. So just as I was getting ready
to get rid of it I thought of this!

Now on to this pigeon crate. I love it! I saw it one day while over at my parents. So Saturday I stopped
and asked them if I could borrow it. They think I have lost my mind. They dont know what to do with me.
I am asking to go cut twigs, asking for old wood in the wood pile, bringing junk home. But to me it is a
treasure. I am going to add mini pumpkins inside and have since removed the yellow flower. I added a candle lamp. Straw was $2.00 at Grandpa's produce stand. As I was decorating Sunday in the hot heat I
couldn't help but wonder if it was to soon. And then it rained! Have a great Day! Pam

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